Outdoor Setup

At Created With Love Events, our outdoor setup services in Kenya offer a wide range of options for any event. From elegant Hexagon and Clear Myrax tents to versatile B-Line tents, we offer the perfect shelter for any outdoor gathering. Canopy and pergola tents provide stylish protection from the elements, while regular high-peak tents add classic charm to any venue. Truss systems and lawn carpeting enhance the ambiance of your event and create a seamless, picturesque setting for your special occasion.

Tents For Hire

Hexagon Tents

Explore our Hexagon Tents for a unique and stylish outdoor setup.

Tents For Hire

Clear Mylux Tents

Elevate your event with our Clear Mylux Tents, offering sophistication and elegance.

Tents For Hire

B-Line Tents

Discover the versatility of B-Line Tents for your outdoor venue needs.

Events Management


Enhance your event space with our Truss structures, adding stability and flexibility.

Balloon Decorations

Turf Grass Carpets

Step onto lush grounds with our Turf Grass Carpets, transforming any outdoor area into a luxurious setting.

Events Management

Party Setup

We’ve got a range of decorated tables & chairs. Check out our gallery below.

Tents for hire

Canopy Tents

Shield your guests from the elements with our durable Canopy Tents.

Events Management

Pergola Tents

Create a charming ambiance with our Pergola Tents, perfect for outdoor gatherings.

Tents For Hire

Normal High Peak Tents

Choose our Normal High Peak Tents for classic elegance and reliable shelter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After selecting the service(s) and or product(s) you require, contact us and we’ll send an accurate quotation based on your event details. Once you approve the quotation, reservation is done once an 80% down payment is done to our till number.

This depends on the nature of your event. For birthday parties, arrival time is usually in between 9am and 11am. Closing hours is 6pm although we are flexible on this depending on your preference.

We have different timings for corporate events which are dependent on the intensity of the set up. Some setups are done a day or two before the event date.

As soon as you can to give us ample time to make preparations. We do however take last minute bookings but this depends on the intensity of your event. The more intense the event, the more time we require and vice versa.

Reservation is only done when a deposit of 80% of the total cost is made to our till number.

We do not offer refunds, however, we are happy to change the reservation date without penalty provided a 72 hour notice has been given.

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